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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Outlook for 2012

Welcome to a new year for Murdoch University Badminton Club ("MBC").

1. Summary for 2011
2. Plan for 2012
3. MBC Shirts
4. Badminton TSWA 2012 (Inter-university Competition)
5. Call for volunteers in MBC Committee

1. Summary for 2011
In short, MBC has done well in 2011. The club has established a strong member base (for a club of our size) of Murdoch students and non-students. The club's finances have also stabilized and we have been able to reduce our session costs in 2011. For those who were part of the club pre-2011, you would know that sessions were at least $8/person. This has been reduced to $6/person for MBC members.

Another notable achievement in 2011 was the establishment of the Wednesday session. This has proved to be a popular session and more often than not, we have more players on Wednesday nights than on the more traditional Saturday morning session.

To sum up in a sentence, 2011 was good year for MBC.

2. Plan for 2012
Our goal remains the same for 2012, to provide regular and fun games of the world's fastest racket sport! We can only continue to do that through sustainable running of sessions. 

I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that MBC is a "not-for-profit club run by students at Murdoch University. Committee members at the club are volunteers who put in much effort and time to run a club that is sustainable and enjoyable for all players. Any excess monies that is collected is put back into the club (for the benefit of all players at the club)."

Whilst a number of our sessions may seem overcrowded, I thank you for being patient while waiting for your games. It is both difficult and stressful to try and accomodate each and every player who turns up and ensure that they get the quality and quantity they deserve. However, this is a challenge that I am willing to take on, so please bear with me throughout the year should any session get overcrowded.

If there is anything that you may not be satisfied with, please speak to me in private and I will try my best to rectify the issue.

A summary of our sessions in 2012

Wednesday session
7pm - 9.30pm

Saturday session
11am - 1pm

Cost: $8/non-members OR $6/members
Membership: $30/year OR $20/semester

3. MBC Shirts
Like last year, MBC will be putting in an order for club shirts on Wednesday, 14 March 2012. If you do not already know, THIS is what our shirts will look like.

Basically, the shirts will have the words "Murdoch University Badminton" printed on the back.
Cost is $18 for everyone.

If you are interested in ordering the shirt, please make sure you put your orders in by Wednesday, 14 March 2012.

4. Badminton TSWA 2012
The inter-university badminton competition will be held on Friday, 30 March 2012. If you are interested in playing for Murdoch, please get in touch with me and I'll pass you the information.

There is a team for both men and women and we need a mininum of FOUR players for each team. Entry is free. You MUST be a current Murdoch student to be eligible.

5. MBC Committee 2012
Due to the lack of volunteers for the MBC Committee, I will be returning as president for 2012. Mona Ng who was treasurer in 2011 will return as vice-president. As of 8 March 2012, the club is still looking for a treasurer and a few co-organizers.

If you are interested in volunteering and helping run the club, please let me know! As always, we are always looking for volunteers. Every bit helps!

Thanks for reading!

-Luke Lau,
Murdoch University Badminton Club

Note: If you would like to get in touch with us, please leave a comment below or contact us through the Facebook page.

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